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EJM--WEST Car Rider Video
EJM--EAST Car Rider Video

Visitors to EJM are most welcome! 
We ask that you always enter through the main entrance of our building(s) and check in at the front office/desk to get a visitor's badge before going anywhere in the building.  You will need to present a valid state issued ID in order to get your visitor badge.  Thank you for keeping our school safe.

David French, Principal


James Ellis, AP West

Kylie Prudhomme, AP East


EJM East / 411 Eagle Spirit Drive / Lindale, TX 75771 

Phone (903) 881-4200 /Fax (903) 881-4201 
EJM West / 409 Eagle Spirit Drive / Lindale, TX 75771  

Phone 903-881-4275 /Fax (903) 881-4222

EJ Moss Faculty and Staff
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